“You will lack nothing” | Guest Post by Hannah York

“I don’t know what God has in store for you when you turn away from pursuing comfort, stability, and security to ground your identity in the family of Jesus. But I do know he will be with you, and that you will lack nothing.”

I recently read this quote in a book that I was reading called, “12 Lies that hold America Captive and the Truth that Sets us Free” (amazing book, I highly recommend!) This quote jumped out at me and resonated deeply with the season of life I am currently in. Here I am, three months fresh out of college, finding myself in a place of little security, stability, or comfort. This summer I am preparing to move to East Asia for two years to do mission work with children who have special needs. Just writing that makes my heart do a little happy dance. I never thought those words would be true, but I am overjoyed that they are. Before I can go, I am building up a team of prayer warriors and financial aid partners who are the reason that this ministry is going to be possible. These past two months of fundraising have stretched and grown my faith in more ways than I can count. It has put me in a position where God is my only option.

There are days where I get up, look at everything, and think the task is impossible; moments where I want to quit this in order to have more stability and financial security. There have been a lot of times where I have doubted, but in these moments, the Lord meets me and graciously leads me back to his truth, trusting in his provision. It has been in my moments of doubt and fear where God has worked the most, which continues to blow me away every time. I truly did not know all of the things that God had in store for me when I said “yes” to accepting this position. What I love about this quote above is how simple yet profound it is. When I look back over the summer and see all of the ways in which God has provided, I see how he has been with me every step of the way. Every doubt, every praise, every good and bad day – he has been present through it all. Seeing firsthand how God has conquered my fears and answered my prayers over and over again has been beautiful. I know that this time of fundraising is deepening my relationship with the Lord, preparing me to go and serve. Everything I am learning in this season I would not have learned if I had decided to stick to what was comfortable and secure. God does not promise that life with him will be easy – this journey has been anything but easy. But because of my own battles and struggles with fundraising, I know that all of the glory is God’s. He has given me the courage, strength, and peace I need; He is the one who has moved people’s hearts into giving. It’s all for His glory, and I certainly see how 2 Corinthians 2:19 rings true:

“[His] power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

When we turn away from pursuing what the world deems as a successful life, we truly are inviting the Lord to be King over every aspect of our lives – and the result is abundant and true life, knowing that when the Lord is King of your heart, “you will lack nothing.”

~Hannah York


Hannah recently graduated from James Madison University with a degree in speech therapy and a minor in exceptional education. Hannah lived in Romania for eighteen years before moving to the United States for college. Hannah and Ashley lived together their senior year of college in the most amazing house with a bright green door. Their mutual love for running, ice cream, and grinch yoga (ask them about it sometime) quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Hannah says she is honored to be able to have a guest appearance on Ashley’s blog and share what God has been putting on her heart lately (and Ashley is just as honored to have her beautiful words on her blog today).

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