I believe that God chooses to use the two hands he has given each of us to do his work in this world, through whatever it is he has called us to do. This blog was created because God has given me hands eager to write, create sermons to preach, and to interlock with others to pray with and for. I consider this blog to be part of my ministry. I acknowledge myself as a flawed individual, but as a daughter of a perfect King, who has abundant grace to offer us each. I also acknowledge my writing to be part of my ministry, as God has the ability to use each of us in a variety of different ways. I believe that it is our job to be open to his using, so that he can use us to build his kingdom. We are all here as imperfect and broken vessel’s with the ability to do work for a perfect God, and I want to encourage you to know that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can be used by Him if you would simply open yourself to it. 

My prayer is that the writing I pour into this blog would speak to you in whatever way you may need it to, and may all of the glory go to God, for it is because of God’s hand in my life that I am able to use these hands of mine to write and do ministry.

                                            Grace and peace,       

                                                                 Ashley Oliver




6 thoughts on “Home

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  1. Dear Ashley, as an older woman who is learning how to rely more deeply on God on a minute by minute basis, I am blessed and inspired by your experience in that. It took me so long to understand that the pain I lived in for so many years could be made into healing and good for myself and others because God can use anyone. I think of you on your journey and I am so grateful to be there with you. God bless you always.

  2. Lovely writing and enjoyed your writing on the Upper room. You look beautiful and healthy😇 and have a wonderful gift that you are sharing. Praising the Lord 😇

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