I created this blog back in 2013 as an outlet for myself, because it was early in my life that I discovered how much I loved writing and just how great of an outlet it was for me. As time went on and this site began to get more traffic, I soon found that it was becoming an outlet not only for myself but for other people as well, which was a humbling and terrifying discovery. Though the fear of being vulnerable and sharing this site with other people led me to contemplate deleting it many times, the ability to use this blog as a way to minister to others, became greater than any fear that stirred up inside me. Since about the fourth grade, I have had a deep love and desire to write, and it is pretty accurate to say that I have not stopped since. I am 21 now and an undergraduate college student, whose passions include preaching, hiking, running, writing, and mental health advocacy. I am a certified candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church, pursuing a call to the ministry of an Elder. I heard God calling me into ministry about 4 years ago when I was junior in high school, and it has been a journey unlike anything I ever anticipated for myself, but a journey I would not trade for anything in this world. I write about a wide variety of topics on this blog, but because Jesus is the foundation of my life, he is the foundation of this blog. I write about topics relating to mental health and mental illness, as that is something I am very outspoken about, and I write frequently about recovery from such illnesses, as that is something I advocate for as well. I am 5 years in recovery from an eating disorder, anorexia, and it is my greatest hope through sharing my story and journey through recovery that I am able to help others who may be struggling with similar challenges, whether it be through my writing, through the voice I have, or through simply being a listening ear. Because I am pursuing full-time ministry, you will find that many of my posts also relate to church ministry, as well as my faith. With that, however, whatever is on my heart, whatever I am wrestling with, whatever I care about, I write about. I am very open & willing to having people guest write for me, so if you are ever interested in doing that, please feel free to submit a post for potential publication via the ‘submit a guest post’ page. I value the importance of having our thoughts stirred up by people of different backgrounds, races, ages, ethnicities, viewpoints, faiths, and walks of life, so please don’t hesitate to submit your writing!

My prayer is that my writing would be used as a form of ministry to speak to you in whatever way you may need it, and may every ounce of the glory go to God.

                                  Grace & peace, Ashley O.




7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ashley, as an older woman who is learning how to rely more deeply on God on a minute by minute basis, I am blessed and inspired by your experience in that. It took me so long to understand that the pain I lived in for so many years could be made into healing and good for myself and others because God can use anyone. I think of you on your journey and I am so grateful to be there with you. God bless you always.

  2. Lovely writing and enjoyed your writing on the Upper room. You look beautiful and healthy😇 and have a wonderful gift that you are sharing. Praising the Lord 😇

  3. God gives grace and when I diligently seek HIM, He is faithful and reveals more to me. For His faithfulness to me, I am so very grateful! I am also a recovering anorexic of 50 some-odd years. My goal is to keep connected to God’s people and to Christ as a disciple. My compulsive behaviors keep me aware of my GREAT NEED for God’s Rest and Peace. (Isaiah 30:15). Thank you for sharing a part of yourself and your journey with our Father and great God! mj

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